Meet Your Dealer: Nortrax Helps Customers With Emissions “Park To Park”

This is the second post in our new “Meet Your Dealer” series, spotlighting the work that John Deere dealers do across the country to help customers meet emissions requirements. Find a John Deere dealer new you by visiting

In The Spotlight: Nortrax, North America’s largest John Deere Construction dealer

Region: 52 locations throughout Eastern and Central U.S. and Canada

Interview With: Bill Pyles, Vice President of Service

Philosophy On Emissions: Don’t Panic.

Mission: Nortrax wants to make your transition to emissions compliance as painless as possible. We’re here for you. We’ll support you. We’ll educate you.

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As the largest John Deere Construction dealer in North America, Nortrax watched the long-running debate about the EPA’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ground Level Ozone with keen interest. Their challenge was a simple question of math. When new areas are designated as non-attainment zones, customers need extra support from their local dealer to bring their fleets into compliance. For Nortrax, that meant thousands of customers served by its dozens of stores across the eastern and central United States. 

Nortrax responded to the challenge by taking early preparation to a whole new level. They trained all levels of support staff across their vast network on the latest emissions regulations and technologies, led training sessions for their customers, spoke at local trade shows and even launched an online tool on their website so customers could ask questions.

Ultimately, the new regulation was postponed in September 2011, sparing customers the burden of non-attainment. Bill Pyles, Nortrax’s Vice President of Service summed up the threat, Nortrax’s over-preparation and the end result with a perfect analogy: It was kind of like Y2K.”

But Bill also told the Emissions Hub that the non-attainment threat was a journey in which the ride was much more important than the destination.

“An educated contractor is our best customer,” he said. “We’ve talked to customers about every type of regulation that could affect them, from non-attainment, to Interim Tier 4, to Final Tier 4 and even the “best available technology” rules that are happening on a local level. We’ve helped them feel confident about the new challenges. They ask us tougher questions, prepare more carefully, and ultimately enjoy a seamless transition to the new regulatory environment.”

“Park to Park”

Nortrax prides itself on helping customers “park to park” with all of their needs. In industry lingo, “park to park,” traditionally means helping customers buy, operate and maintain the right equipment. But when it comes to emissions compliance, customers depend on dealers like Nortrax for even more support. In addition to education, training, and service, customers need to identify strategies for compliance and ask important questions such as: When should I replace equipment? How can I take advantage of grants for engine retrofits and repowers? And how can I leverage emissions regulations in a positive way to win new business?

Bill believes unequivocally that, “However your needs might change, Nortrax customers don’t need to expect anything different from us. We’re still here for you, park to park.

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Make Your Voice Heard
You’ve heard Bill’s top 4 questions. What about yours? What would you ask your John Deere dealer about emissions-certified equipment?

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