Five Tough Emissions Compliance Questions Your Dealer Can Answer

Back in June, we started a new Meet Your Dealer series on the Emissions Hub to shed some light on the unsung heroes who help our customers meet the challenges of emissions regulations every day. And while John Deere dealers play an important role in helping customers purchase, operate and maintain emissions certified equipment, customer needs often go beyond the engine and iron. Across the country, local emissions requirements vary between cities, counties and states, resulting in customers having to ask themselves hard questions about how to stay competitive.

We’ve uncovered some incredible stories of John Deere dealers helping customers to answer these questions. So, if your business is facing one of these 5 challenges, pick up the phone and give your dealer a call.

1.     What do I need to do to my fleet to win the bid on a new project?

Many John Deere dealers keep a pulse on local emissions requirements, and are well-versed in how they vary on a city, county and state level. West Side Tractor, for instance, made a point of helping customers review the emissions specifications on new bids so that their firms could be in a winning position. This was particularly important in West Side Tractor’s service area of Northern Illinois, where emissions requirements often differ between Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, and neighboring states.

2.     What do I do if one of my machines is not certified to work on a particular project?

In these situations, you have a few options to stay competitive, but your John Deere dealer can help you decide which one is right for your business. The lowest cost, short-term option is usually to retrofit your machine’s engine with a verified aftertreatment device that will ensure compliance, but there are many variables your dealer can help you consider. If you have a multi-year project and local emissions rules are likely to change, it might make sense to buy a new machine, or upgrade an older model on another job site and ship it to the new project. Your dealer can help you analyze your entire fleet to find the best way to address your particular circumstances.

3.     How can I reduce the cost of upgrading my fleet?

John Deere dealers stay on top of the numerous programs and grants available for businesses that need to bring their fleets into compliance with new emissions regulations. Nortrax dealers in Florida, for instance, once worked for months to ensure that their customers could take advantage of $20 million in retrofit grants through the Diesel Engine Recovery Act (DERA). If you want to do a little research about these programs before you talk to your dealer, visit the John Deere Retrofit Programs Finder, which will help you locate programs available in your region. Then contact your dealer and start the conversation about how to get your business into the best competitive position.

4.     After my upgrade costs, I’m still not competitive on this bid. What can I do?

Sometimes it’s not all about emissions, and this is another area where your dealer can help. There are several features of John Deere WorkSightTM that can help you optimize bids and get your cost lower. This video shows how you can use data and fleet analysis to improve the accuracy of your job estimates. By better understanding your actual costs from past jobs, you can keep you bids lower by reducing mark-up and stay in the running on new projects. Your dealer can help you take advantage of this technology and put it to work profitably for your business.

5.     What can I do to make sure that my operators are using their new IT4 equipment correctly?

This is another area where your John Deere dealer can provide support by making use of our WorkSightTM suite of 5 technologies. One WorkSight component, JDLinkTM, will help you monitor how your new equipment is performing so that you can spot operator issues, such as idling too long or running without auto-enable for periodic exhaust filter cleaning switched on, preventing regeneration. JDLink also helps you accomplish a host of fleet optimization tasks that your dealer can help you take advantage of. Plus, there’s even a mobile app available on iPhones, iPads and Android devices so that you can keep an eye on your fleet while you’re on the move.

Do you have a tough business question for your John Deere dealer? Tell us and we’ll cover it next month.

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