I Spy: Spotting IT4 Equipment on the Job Site

We talk a lot about the engineering and design behind Interim Tier 4 (IT4) and Final Tier 4 (FT4) engines here on the Emissions Hub blog, but what external differences will you be seeing in your equipment at the worksite? How can you tell a Tier 3 machine from an IT4 machine? In this two-part series, let’s start outside and work our way under the hood.

Some manufacturers mark their IT4 equipment with a symbol or special nomenclature (i.e. Gradall IT4 machines are labeled with Series IV vs. Series III). John Deere IT4 equipment is not called out with any specific markings, but if you look closely, you can pick them out from the crowd.  As shown in the comparisons below, the engine housing is generally slightly larger to accommodate the DPF filter.  The placement and size of the exhaust stack may also be more pronounced.

Tier 3 850J vs IT4 850K

Tier 3 240D vs. IT4 240G ExcavatorSome models (as seen below) also feature a dilution or air jet around the exhaust where it exits the machine to dilute the air and lower the exhaust temperature.

744K IT4 Wheel Loader

So now you know how to spot a John Deere IT4 machine on a jobsite. Stay tuned. Next month, we will look under the hood to show you how the engine configuration differs between Tier 3 and IT4 equipment.

Have you identified any IT4 machines on a worksite near you?

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