Ash Removal and Your John Deere IT4 Engine

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) technology used to meet Interim Tier 4 (IT4) emissions regulations requires periodic ash removal service to operate properly. A byproduct of inorganic solids found in engine oils, ash will collect in the DPF over time. As a result, the DPF must be periodically serviced to remove accumulated ash.

While ash removal is necessary to ensure engine performance and efficiency, John Deere has determined that the impact of this service on equipment owners, managers and operators doesn’t have to be significant.

Let’s address some common questions about ash removal service and your John Deere IT4 engine.

When will ash service be required?

United States Environmental Protection Agency regulations require engine manufacturers to provide minimum DPF maintenance intervals of 4,500 hours for engines 174 hp and above and 3,000 hours for engines below 174 hp. Depending on the engine, application and duty cycle, maintenance intervals — including ash service — for John Deere engines can be significantly longer than the regulatory minimums.

While John Deere DPFs are designed for minimum intervals of 5,000 hours for engines 174 hp and above and 3,000 hours for engines below 174 hp, field experience has shown that in many applications they can achieve a maintenance interval up to two to three times as long as required by the EPA. More than 700,000 hours of lab and field testing — and more than 10 million hours of DPF use on over 30,000 John Deere IT4 machines in the market — have confirmed ash service intervals of up to 15,000 hours. In some cases, ash service may not be required until the first major engine overhaul.

What are my ash service options?

Ash service for DPFs on John Deere IT4 engines should be performed by an authorized John Deere dealer or qualified service provider.

While a third-party service provider may have the qualifications and advanced equipment required to perform cleaning of John Deere DPFs, John Deere dealers can exchange the filter with a John Deere RemanTM remanufactured DPF that has not only been cleaned, but also tested to John Deere quality specifications. This off-the-shelf exchange solution maximizes uptime at a low total cost to the customer.

How can I maximize my ash service intervals?

Proper fluid management is the most effective strategy to achieve maximum ash service intervals. Adhering to recommended oil, fuel, fuel-additive and coolant specifications in the owner’s manual will maximize the hours of operation before ash cleaning is required.

Extensive testing has confirmed that the impact of ash removal service doesn’t have to be significant. By following the recommended service guidelines and using the recommended engine fluids, customers can maximize their ash service intervals. When it finally comes time for ash service, John Deere dealers have remanufactured DPFs available to minimize downtime and provide customers a cost-effective service solution.

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