I Spy: Spotting IT4 Elements Under the Hood

In our last post we helped you identify IT4 equipment on the jobsite.  Now let’s take a look under the hood at IT4 engine configurations. We’ll help you identify the different elements that you may not recognize from your Tier 3 equipment.

The engine below is under the hood of an 850K Dozer.  You will see that the DOC and DPF require additional space; hence the larger engine housing seen externally on the equipment.  During passive regeneration, the dual-walled insulated pipe keeps exhaust temperatures sufficient to oxidize particulate matter (PM) trapped in the exhaust filter.  If conditions (temperature, speed, and load) for passive regeneration cannot be achieved, then PM must be removed using active regeneration, also an automatic cleaning process. For a short duration, the fuel injector introduces a small quantity of fuel into the exhaust stream to elevate exhaust temperatures to clean the filter.

As you get to the lower horsepower machines, like the 410K Backhoe engine pictured below, it gets harder to fit everything under the hood.  You will see a similar configuration in our IT4 skid steers set to launch in 2013.

IT4 Compact Engine Compartment

So now you know how IT4 engines differ from their Tier 3 cousins on the inside. Any questions? Comment below.

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