John Deere Provides Emissions Solutions on Land and in the Water

Emissions regulations are becoming increasingly stringent across the variety of industries in which John Deere diesel engines operate  No matter what the segment or regulatory requirements, John Deere is dedicated to offering engine technology solutions that meet both customer needs and emissions standards. We showed this broad commitment by announcing new Marine Tier 3 PowerTech 4.5L and 6.8L propulsion and generator-drive engines at the International WorkBoat Show this month.

EPA Marine Tier 3 regulations issued in 2008 will become effective for John Deere 4.5L and 6.8L engines beginning January 1, 2013. John Deere will meet these regulations with a complete lineup of PowerTechTM 4.5L and 6.8L propulsion and generator-drive engines. The Marine Tier 3 standards applicable to our 9.0L and 13.5L marine engines start in 2014.

We’re adding two new 4.5L models to our lineup of Tier 3 marine engines — the PowerTech 4045TFM85 generator-drive engine and the PowerTech 4045AFM85 propulsion and generator-drive engine. The PowerTech 4045AFM85 is the most powerful John Deere 4.5L marine engine ever launched.

New John Deere 6.8L Tier 3 marine propulsion and generator-drive engines include the PowerTech 6068AFM85 and the PowerTech 6068SFM85 models. We integrated features into our newest 6.8L and larger Tier 2 marine engines with Tier 3 emissions regulations in mind, allowing for a seamless transition to Tier 3. John Deere Tier 3 marine engines will meet the more stringent emissions regulations while maintaining performance and package sizes similar to their Tier 2 predecessors in the lineup.

Marine emissions regulations in other parts of the world are not anticipated to change until the 2016 timeframe.

As emissions regulations become more challenging across the spectrum of industries where John Deere engines operate, we will continue to focus on providing the right technology to meet customer expectations and emissions regulations.

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