John Deere Emissions Technology: What to look for in 2013

As we begin 2013, our new calendar is already filling up with plans for announcements, product launches and research and development milestones, many of which will involve getting our John Deere engines and equipment up to speed with the emissions compliance agendas.

Interim Tier 4 equipment will continue to roll onto the jobsite and new Final Tier 4 engines (<75 hp) will make their way into machines by the close of the year. Next month at World of Concrete, Feb. 5-8, 2013 in Las Vegas, we are excited to unveil some of the technology and equipment you will be able to get your hands on over the next 12 months.

Our new E-Series Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders, meeting both IT4 (for >75 hp engines) and FT4 (for <75 hp engines), will be on display at the John Deere Construction & Forestry booth (C5861).  Emissions compliance in equipment of this size uses the traditional EGR solution you are accustomed to in John Deere equipment. The exhaust aftertreatment includes a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). Like our larger construction machines, cleaning to oxidize soot in the DPF takes place automatically and has no impact to machine operation under most operating conditions.

At the John Deere Power Systems booth (N2327), you will be able to see, for the first time on U.S. soil, the PowerTech 9.0L Final Tier 4 engine and the unique Integrated Emissions Control system, an optimized platform utilizing a variety of emissions control components, such as smart exhaust filters and SCR technology. The entire system is optimized to meet emissions regulations while delivering maximum performance, reliability, and durability. Take a look at the 9.0L engine, as you will see them in a few lines of John Deere equipment before the 2013 calendar year is out.

2013 will certainly be a year that will bring additional questions, challenges and opportunities in the emissions compliance arena. Here on the Emissions Hub, we will continue to be your go-to resource for the latest emissions news and a forum for answering your questions and concerns.

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