DPF Exchange Makes Interim Tier 4 Service Intervals Simple

As we have discussed in previous posts, John Deere Interim Tier 4 diesel particulate filters (DPF) achieve impressive ash removal intervals, often two to three times as long as the most frequent service interval allowed by the EPA.  However, when it does come time for ash removal service, what can you do to expedite the process and reduce down time?

John Deere Reman™ offers a DPF exchange program that provides a cost-effective, convenient solution. The program provides a clean DPF in exchange for your DPF core. John Deere Reman carefully cleans DPFs utilizing state-of-the-art tooling and robust verification processes ensuring the integrity and longevity of the product. All of this is backed by a warranty covering parts, labor, and collateral damage when dealer installed for unlimited hours up to one year or for the remaining life of the emissions warranty for the DPF being exchanged, whichever is longest.

John Deere dealers offer a DPF exchange program to maximize uptime when ash removal is required. Used DPFs are cleaned with state-of-the-art equipment by John Deere Reman for reuse.

Your John Deere dealer can facilitate the DPF exchange and can either come to you on the work site or make the switch at their shop.  The entire exchange process takes under an hour and your machine is ready to get back on the job.

On-board monitoring will inform the operator when ash removal is required. For machines with an active JDLink™ Ultimate subscription, the diagnostic code related to ash cleaning will also be displayed. And if you’re enrolled in the Fleet Care proactive machine health program, your John Deere dealer can also receive alerts when service is required.

What about the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)? The DPF is the only part of your exhaust filter that requires service. The DOC should last for the useful life of the engine.

With the introduction of new Integrated Emissions Control technology in Final Tier 4 engines, the DPF exchange program will still provide the same convenient service.

When maintaining your Interim Tier 4 certified equipment, John Deere Reman and your John Deere dealer will help you increase your uptime and peace of mind.

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