Not a Fair Weather Fan: John Deere Tier 4 equipment shines when put to extreme climate tests

John Deere construction equipment has quite a few stops on its itinerary before it makes it to your job site. In four climates, three extreme and one temperate, known as “corner conditions”, the machines go through rigorous testing as they are pushed to their limits to make sure they will provide the same power and efficiency, no matter what job or location they end up in.

Most recently, the new E-Series Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders were put to the test in arid, frigid and high-altitude conditions.

Laredo, Texas, brought the heat with average summertime temperatures of 100+ degrees. The dry, hot temperatures along the Rio Grande River provide the perfect climate for testing IT4 and FT4 engines to ensure against overheating.

Temperatures were quite opposite in the dead of winter in Baudette, Minn. Clearing ice and snow in below freezing temperatures, the skids and CTLs kept humming without batting an eye.

The next location didn’t raise the thermometer much but the altimeter shot to 10,000+ feet above sea level. In Colorado, along with thinner air and still-cold temperatures, the E-Series machines had to adjust to the lower atmospheric pressures of mountainous altitudes.

Needless to say, they weathered the storm nicely.

The IT4 and FT4 engines in the E-Series Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders performed well in every adverse condition thrown their way, proving the uptime and productivity of John Deere machines are not compromised no matter the air density or climate challenges they face.

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