John Deere Engines Deliver More Uptime in Oil Fields

At John Deere, we’re committed to developing engine technology solutions that meet emissions regulations and customer needs. We haven’t sacrificed performance, reliability or low operating costs in our pursuit of emissions reductions through the regulatory tiers.

Sanjel Corporation is one customer benefiting from our continuous focus on reliability.

Canada’s largest privately owned energy service company, Sanjel supports the booming energy industry on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border. Services that the Calgary, Alberta-based company offers to drillers include cementing, fracturing, coiled tubing and completions.

Uptime is of the utmost importance in the oil-field services business. That’s why Sanjel depends on John Deere engines to power more than 100 pieces of its custom-built equipment. Frontier Power Products in Calgary provides Sanjel with John Deere engines for integration into such equipment as generator sets, sand conveyors and hydraulic power units for cementing and acidizing units.

“John Deere engines stand out for reliability,” says Darryl Schultz, manager of corporate maintenance at Sanjel Corporation.

Field-proven performance

Sanjel recently manufactured two additional trailer-mounted hydration units powered by the 298-kW (400 hp) John Deere PowerTechTM Plus 9.0L engine. These units hydrate frac-based fluids or gels before they are transferred to the blender.

“Our John Deere 9.0L engines have given us great performance,” Schultz says. “We’ve got engines out there with more than 10,000 hours on them, and all we have to do is our regular maintenance. They are pulling an average of 300 hp of utilization every day, and they hold up.”

In addition, Sanjel has increased the number of John Deere-powered chemical-addition units. The mobile mini-laboratory controls the delivery of all of the fluids and gelling systems throughout the pumping operations with power from a 129-kW (173 hp) John Deere PowerTech PVX 4.5L Interim Tier 4/Stage III B engine.

“The 4.5L engines on the chemical-addition trailers have been the most reliable engines that we have out there,” Schultz says. “Those units hardly ever shut off, because they power the heating system throughout the winter.”

Fully supported solution

Sanjel makes fleet maintenance a high priority. Every piece of equipment is on a set maintenance schedule; when equipment is out in the field, Sanjel relies on the John Deere network of dealers for parts and service.

“In the oil patch, we can’t afford to have downtime,” Schultz says. “We are in a lot of smaller towns in North America, and in some of these areas where we work, it’s so remote. It would normally take two or three days to get a part up to that location. Fortunately, there’s usually a John Deere dealership nearby that has the part on the shelf, and we can have it up and running on the same day.”

Schultz says Sanjel has plans to manufacture more machines utilizing John Deere engines. With reliable power sources integrated into custom equipment, Sanjel will continue to offer solutions that enhance the productivity of busy oil producers.

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